Asian Girls vs. Russian Girls: What’s the Difference?

Asian Girls vs. Russian Girls What’s the DifferenceAsian girls and Russian girls are some of the most popular in the world among men. When you hear about international brides, these are the top two. The reasons are obvious. They are sexy, smart, know how to treat a man, have interesting cultural backgrounds and, best of all, many are looking for a foreign mate. Although very desirable, there are significant differences between the two. Let’s go over the difference between Asian girls and Russian girls.

Temperament and Demeanor

While Russian women are sometimes seen as cold and impersonal, most think Asian women are sweet and submissive. If this is what you think as well, you are wrong. Yes, Russian women come across as very serious at first but that is only because it is impolite to express strong (or loud) emotions in public but once you get to know them, you’ll see that Russian women tend to be very sweet. As for Asian women, most seem a bit shy at first and then the complexity comes through. In addition to being very blunt, they are lively conversationalists with a great sense of humor. Although true, be warned that Asian women can be a bit abrasive at times.

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Approach to Beauty

Approach to beauty is one way Asian and Russian women differ drastically. As you know, both are naturally beautiful Asian women tend to play up that natural beauty. They do not wear much makeup and dress well. In fact, their fashion is best described as understated and they never reveal too much which is great for men who prefer women who dress more conservatively. Russian women tend to dress sexier. They like high heels, revealing clothes and some can be a bit flashy at times. They also wear more makeup. Beauty is very important to Russian women and they always want to look their best, especially if there is a special someone to look good for.

Asian girls and Russian girls.


Most would agree that Asian women are more relaxed when it comes to marriage. Of course, they want to marry but there is less urgency around the topic. As for Russian women, they like relationships to move at a faster pace. Before you know it, you will be meeting her family and they, along with her, will be bringing up the topic of marriage and kids which can be overwhelming. Asian women, on the other hand, like to take things slow. In fact, dating and courtship tend to work in steps. When a man and woman show interest in one another they start spending time together, advance to hand-holding, slowly build physical intimacy and then talks of a commitment enter the equation followed by the topic of marriage and having a family.


Although both Asian women and Russian women prefer a commitment before going to bed with a man, Asian women are a bit more hesitant. The reason is simple – culture. In Asian culture, women are taught not to have sex until marriage and if a woman has sex with her boyfriend, that would mean that she sees him as her prospective husband making it a huge step in the relationship. Although Russian girls are taught the same, these values are deeply rooted in Asian tradition, so it may take time to enjoy that level of physical intimacy with her. However, you will be happy to hear that Asian women are givers in the bedroom while Russian women lean more toward the receiving end and require that a man really focuses on her pleasure.

important to Russian women


Neither woman cares about money but does want a man who is able to support a family. Although true, men are expected to pay on dates and so forth. One interesting difference between the two women comes into play during shopping. All women like to shop with their boyfriends, some window shopping may happen on the way back from a date etc. If it does, Russian women will expect the man to pay while Asian women will not. The only time in which an Asian woman expects a man to pay for her shopping is when they’re married.

Now you know the truth about Asian girls vs. Russian girls. Both have a lot to offer, are great to date and make even better wives.

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