Best Interracial Dating App (Are Asian Women Gold-diggers?)

I’m a 35-year-old Asian woman. I recently married my second husband who is a powerful, successful and rich man. My husband is a White man, so we are in an interracial marriage. This is quite common in my local area (I live in Adelaide, Australia).

€1£ Brilic

asian girls brilic app

My rich husband and I met each other on Brilic dating app and we had a spark when we met in person. Immediately, he invited me to travel with him on our first date. Because I am a bold woman who loves adventure, I said yes to his invitation. Then we went to the UK and had a fabulous time there. After our international trip, he asked me to marry him and I said yes. I think you have to travel with somebody so that you know that person very well throughout the trip. Because we were together 24/7 while staying in the UK, we built a very genuine connection at the initial stage of our relationship. Therefore, we got married pretty quickly.

€2£ Sugar Daddy Meet

Sugar Daddy Meet

My ex-husband was a poor guy who treated me badly. When I left him, I was jaded, disappointed and confused – I worked hard for so many years and where was my money? Well, to be honest, I had a secret stash (I put my secret stash in my office, so my ex-husband never knew it). But being married to that loser still cost me money – he “borrowed” my money while telling me a bunch of lies and he is a terrible business manager. So, I couldn’t trust him anymore. Worse still, he was seeing someone else anyway! Therefore, I decided to leave that freaking loser. I also made a decision to date rich men only, so I joined Sugar Daddy Meet and meet a very generous White guy who spoilt me so well! That was my therapy after the messy divorce.

€3£ Lumen

lumen app

This app is actually a senior dating app, but I joined it just to look for established men that happened to be older and White. If you look at those politicians and successful businessmen, how many of them are not White? Because I believe in hypergamy, I decided to meet an established White man via Lumen. Although the White guy that I met on this platform didn’t start an official relationship with me, we still had a very good time & he introduced me to his elite social circle. By the way, every member’s dating profile is verified by Lumen, so it’s a reliable dating app.

€4£ Paktor

Paktor asian app

In order to meet White men efficiently, I spent a few weeks on Paktor dating app which introduces Asian women to White guys. In other words, White men on Paktor already want to meet Asian ladies like me! So, this is a very good interracial dating app for those who want to try interracial relationships now. You won’t be disappointed because the conversion rate is extremely high on this app.

€5£ AsianDate

AsianDate app

I used AsianDate to meet many White men who already want to date Asian beauties. These are qualified leads that Asian girls shouldn’t miss out on. In fact, AsianDate has been featured on mainstream media for multiple times and has gained traction worldwide. If you are keen to try an interracial marriage, this is your app.

€6£ Black White Dating

Black White Dating App

I recommend this interracial dating app not because I used it, but because my best friend (a Black woman looking for a White husband) found a billionaire husband on this app. I mean billionaire with a b! My best friend was born in Africa and moved to Australia when she was young. Then she wanted to change her destiny by marrying a rich husband. Now her dream has come true. Where there is a will, there is a way. When she is determined to achieve greatness, she will find the way. I truly admire her determination and I’d like to recommend Black White Dating app to those who are into interracial marriages like that.

€7£ AnastasiaDate


AnastasiaDate is a hugely successful international dating app which promotes interracial dating everywhere. On AnastasiaDate, many Asian stunners have found White guys and they are married. It is said that interracial dating is all about marrying up. I think that’s true to some degree. For instance, I’ve seen many smart Asian ladies married to rich White men. But I rarely see any pretty White ladies married to Asian men. I’m not saying Asian men are poorer. I mean traditionally, most people think if an Asian beauty is married to a White guy, she has married up.

€8£ Color Dating

color-dating app

I love Color Dating! This app completely accentuated my beauty – most women on this app aren’t as pretty as me, so I stood out from the crowd immediately. That’s why I received a lot of messages from men every day when I was on Color Dating app. If you are a reasonably attractive colored woman, you’d better join Color Dating asap because most girls on this app aren’t very hot.

€9£ Momo

MOMO app

I used Momo for a few weeks only because this app has too many hot women who look like me (they look better than me), so I couldn’t be outstanding. Also, there aren’t enough White men on this app, so I decided not to keep using it. But my sister joined Momo and met a very successful White man within 2 days. Now they are still dating and their interracial relationship seems to be very good. Maybe my sister looks hotter than me?! Now I’m so jealous!

€10£ Tantan

Tantan app

According to the news, Tantan was sold to Momo a while ago and now Momo is the most successful Chinese dating app in the world. Apparently, a lot of White guys looking for interracial relationships have joined Tantan due to its popularity in English-speaking market. Interestingly, my co-worker, a Taiwanese lady in her 30s, has met a White guy and now they are engaged. I just came back from their engagement party as I’m typing this article right now.

          In my view, Asian women aren’t gold-diggers because the definition of a gold-digger is someone who uses a rich person for money and then left immediately – Patti Stanger gave that definition in her best-selling book. Therefore, I’m just a normal Asian woman who had a broken heart and now I’m ready to enjoy my new marriage with a rich White husband.

(Disclaimer: The opinions in this article belongs to the author only and have nothing to do with this website. The author’s intention is to provide general information and isn’t here to hurt anyone’s feelings.)

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