Caloocan Philippine women: the reality of Filipina dating

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Caloocan Philippine women are very obedient, humble and hardworking. They’ll never fight with you for leadership, which is a major problem for many western women. Many men who got tired of this infinite genders war are looking for a peaceful life with a girl who will accept him as the head of the family. If you’re one of those men, a Filipina woman is the best choice you can think of!

Even the world statistics show that Filipina women are the best nurses and nannies. Besides, they often agree to work for a lower salary than other women would agree. Since their country isn’t rich, an average western salary seems to them like golden mountains. There’re a lot of German, American, Italian and Canadian men residing in the Philippines trying to find a perfect wife. They’re wealthy and reliable, ready to take responsibility for the family, which is a dream of every Filipina girl. So why are they so keen on marrying a foreigner? Let’s list the main reasons, which are also big social and economic problems.

Major problems of the Philippines

  1. Most of the Filipina grew up in large, poor families or families with an average income. Daughters of rich parents would rather choose a husband for love, not for profit. Once getting married, a foreign husband will most likely have to provide both his wife and her family. In most cases, the majority of family members stop working and just live on the money that the man gives them. As you might already know, most Filipina families are huge, consisting of brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, their families and a little dog of their neighbor. If you’re unprepared for such huge expenses, better talk it over with your future wife and her family in advance to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

In some cases, girls from poor families don’t even have a Passport because you have to pay a decent amount of money to get one. Local people often use their school or work pass as an Identification document. The average education level of the Filipina girls is very low, some can barely write and read. Basically, their education stops after graduation from a primary public school, because the continuation of the education cost a big amount of money they can’t pay. Of course, we’re talking about families living on the breadline. More wealthy people go to Universities and get professions as any western woman would do.

Of course, without higher education, they can’t get a good job either in the Philippines or especially abroad and it closes the full circle. A marriage of Caloocan girl with a foreigner can be a life-changing decision. She could just relax not struggling to earn a slice of bread by working as a saleswoman or a milkmaid on the farm.

Filipina girls is very low

  1. The next reason is the upbringing. The idea of finding a prince charming is cultivated everywhere: in TV shows, series, and films, as well as in their own families. As a rule, all Filipino princes are already taken, and they’re definitely not as handsome and wealthy as western men. The majority of Filipina ladies dream about a foreign prince who will make her life a dream. Sometimes men take advantage of a girl’s insecurity and literally buy her along with all her family. Girls have to put up with it because they don’t want to live in poverty again.

Here are some major problems in the Philippines that you’ll surely face once you’re there. But it’s not as hopeless as it might seem! There’re still many Filipina girls who’re really looking for love and affection, they can be good wives in every aspect of the word. They can be loyal, truthful, considerate and passionate. What else a man would need in family life?

Filipina ladies

Where you can meet a Filipina girl?

The answer is: pretty everywhere. Filipina singles from Caloocan are very approachable and easy-going. You can just start talking with one right on the street, in stores, in cafes, in a restaurant, pretty wherever and whenever you want. As soon as you pay attention to a girl, she’ll definitely be open for a conversation. Even if she’s already married, she won’t refuse to talk to you. Filipina girls are very flirty so you might notice them make eyes at you, some women may even approach you first.

Despite the incredible shyness, Filipino girls at the same time are very friendly and open to dating male tourists. If a girl makes eyes at you, giggles and blushes, it’s a sign that she’s interested in you and ready for a conversation, and maybe even a date. Do not hesitate to approach her, say hi and offer a drink. Then she’ll most likely invite you to her house for a family meeting. It’s a national tradition so you can’t refuse. The scenario may vary, but all in all Filipina ladies are very easy to approach and are able to make a western man a happy husband.

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