Do hookups help loneliness or just make it worse

We used to think that casual sex is the top medicine against loneliness, when a person is too busy or too broke at the moment for having a stable partner. But is it really so and what do other singles say?

“For me, hookups dating are not always the best solution, it’s all very individual. I guess the girl’s emotions during and after the hookup greatly depend on the guy’s personality and his attitude towards her.

When someone is rude or too distant with me, I am certainly not getting any relief from my current loneliness. But when a person is really respectful and determined to satisfy me, I feel much better”.

“As a young attractive guy, I hookup frequently. It does help me to have fun and entertain myself throughout the evening or weekends. It improves my mood regardless of the girl’s quality and behavior.

Any single man would agree with me that one-night-stands are still better than staying alone. I do not like inviting escorts or the bar girls either, so nice friendly hookups feel just perfect to me”.

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