How to Score with Asian Women

meet Asian women for sexMen may not want to admit it out loud but their interest in Asian women isn’t just about marriage. Not every man is looking for a wife. Some single guys want to meet Asian women for sex. Everyone doesn’t want a commitment and that is fine. If two consenting adults are involved, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying an active sex life. The problem with this goal is getting past the values and naturally conservative nature that most Asian women have. That being said, there is a way so consider this your guide to scoring with Asian women.

Improve Your Appearance

Being attractive always helps when trying to get women to sleep with you. Asian women like men who put care into their appearance who are well groomed, well dressed and smell good. Working out to enhance your masculine physique will also work in your favor.

Change Your Mindset

This is the first step because if you don’t stop seeing having sex with her as a big deal, you will fail miserably. This mindset causes nerves, the chance of creating an awkward situation skyrockets and you won’t be very successful with women. Instead, especially when it comes to the topic of sex with Asian women, be casual, indifferent and maintain a relaxed attitude. Think about it this way; if one woman says no, there are many out there who will say yes.

Be the Nice Guy

When it comes to Asian women, nice guys finish first. If you aren’t nice, an Asian woman will want nothing to do with you. Obviously, before you get a woman to go to bed with you, you want to treat her to a nice date. This may be dinner or something more creative. On the date, make sure you pay, be chivalrous, kind, complimentary and be a good listener. The main goal is making her feel both comfortable and attracted to you, so she will go back to your place at the end of the date.

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This tip applies to pretty much everything and is crucial when it comes to scoring with an Asian woman. Of course, the sex should be consensual but up until you make a move, you don’t necessarily want to ask. Instead, have a plan and stick to it. Rather than asking her if she wants to go to a certain restaurant, say, “We’re dining at…” Then, after the date when you’re heading back, say something like, “Let’s head back to my place for coffee.” If you’re confident, a woman will go along with your plans. The purpose is getting her to go with you, so you can try to seal the deal. When you’re self-assured, you’re instantly more attractive and are in control which Asian women find attractive. Once she’s there, make your move and see where things go. Mind you, if she expresses disinterest, don’t go too far with your confidence and try to coax her into sleeping with you because that crosses the line. Sex is only enjoyable when both parties are interested.

Don’t Talk About Sex

This isn’t considered appropriate date conversation and if you bring it up, an Asian woman will assume that that’s what you want from her and she’ll be turned off before you have the chance to turn her on. To put it simply, you will scare her away before you’re able to make a move. Instead, focus on being polite. It will get you far.

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Make Her Feel Desired

To get an Asian woman to sleep with you you must make her feel special and most importantly, desired. When in a relationship, Asian women are givers but if you are just trying to sleep with her, you must do the giving. Start by sweet talking her. Speak nicely to her, keep her smiling, and let her know how beautiful she is. Nothing is more effective at putting a woman in the mood than that.

Follow the above advice and you will score almost any Asian woman you want after perfecting how to meet Asian women for sex. And lastly, don’t forget to practice discretion when doing so. Asian women are more inclined to sleep with men who practice discretion. They want to have fun but don’t want their personal business shared with others. Asian women must maintain their reputations.


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