The truth you want to know about asian girls

Cute Asian womenIt is a worldwide fact that Chinese women cook cats and dogs. No, not at all it isn’t. neither is it true that all Asians look the same, or that Asian women are still subservient to Asian men as it was in ancient Asia. Many of these stereotypes are actively spread and putting aside how wrong they are. We must start recognizing how hurtful these statements can be. Also, how damaging expectations like viewing all Asians as math geniuses can be for those without the aptitude for academics.

What you can do is know some general behavioral traits of Asian girls, especially when you’re thinking of dating that one you admire. The notes read:

  1. Every Part of Their Lives Has Been Planned

This is no understatement; Asian children usually have their time well managed by their parents so that no time is truly wasted. It is because of this that it is easy to find so many pretty Asian women good at playing an instrument. Since growing up probably included compulsory music lessons after (and this is just a guess) cram school.

  1. Food and Tea

As stated earlier, the lives of those cute Asian women we so crave to tie ours to has been designed to follow a specific path by their parents (as most other parents do to be fair). Designed from the number of degrees she should have, their preferred spouse for her etc. So, you can understand why gaining her parent’s approval might prove to be a little problematic. However, there are a bunch of things you can use to win a healthy point lead.

  • Eat whatever they present to you: a little flexibility and an open mind can get you past this state. Be ready to experience an adventure. You will be surprised; the local Asian dish always turns out to be a treat for those willing enough.
  • Tea etiquette: always drink the tea. If you want to impress further, refill everyone’s cup before your own, in order from the oldest to the youngest.
  1. Don’t Assume

She knows all Asian languages and proceed to keep asking her to interpret every label with an Asian looking language cover or with the cover of pretty Asian women. Not saying that she doesn’t have an idea of a few foreign languages, which she might want you to pick up too.

  1. Interesting Facts

One thing those Asian women pics do not lie about is the fact that Asian women grow very little body hair. This is not saying all of them do not, but most of them have been known to shave less than three times a year!

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Another interesting thing is their aversion to wearing shoes in the house. Don’t do it. Wear socks, remove your shoes at the door, just never get on her bed with shoes on.

Cute Asian women are cute for a lot of reasons. One is their ability to find novel and fascinating ways to use chopsticks. I dream of the day when they will finally feel the need to drink water with it (XD).

They are humans. Regardless of how energetic they are always represented in Asian movies; they also have days where they can be down. Lookout for those days and be a man about it. Good luck!

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