Vietnamcupid com review based on the real facts

One of the affiliates of Cupid Media corporation, is surprisingly effective. That cannot be said about all sites of this dating company but here they managed to keep their reputation on a proper level. It’s not even typical for any dating sites to be that resultative, so let’s analyze the reasons why it became possible. We’ll start by saying that Vietnamcupid has a huge database of nearly 1 million profiles, and it only grows every day!

The reasons why it works

1. Let’s be honest, Vietnamese girls are not the most beautiful among Asian chicks. The shape of their face, eyebrows, and nose are not exactly what we call perfect. Their eyes are the smallest in the Asian world and their figures can be flat. They probably realize the competition is way too big, that’s why they are less picky.

2. What shines through is their personality. Vietnamese girls are kind, soft, shy, modest and not demanding at all. They readily react to your attention and try to please you in return. Moreover – it’s sincere!

3. It’s a big secret, but Vietnamese women grow old quickly. It’s not typical for Asians either but it’s the fact. It seems to be programmed genetically. That’s why they are kind of in hurry to meet a special man and “grab” him till they are still young. Sorry ladies! We don’t judge you.

4. There aren’t many dating sites dedicated to Vietnamese women. This one belongs to a company with a good reputation, contains many members and provides certain online protection from the fraud or time-wasters. That’s why Vietnamese girls are literally concentrated here.

5. It’s normal for Vietnamese girls to date an older man. But as we said, Vietnamese people grow old a bit faster including men. Older men aren’t good-looking in Vietnam and the majority of them have families. It’s only typical for American or European men to enjoy life up to their 40s without getting married. So the sites like Vietnamcupid are the perfect “puzzle” for such matches.

6. By statistics, there are much more women adults than men adults in Vietnam so you’re literally attacked with messages on this site. The reasons are historical. But the women don’t want to adapt to this artificial loneliness, they are very family oriented and loving. They need you both physically and emotionally.

7. Modern Vietnamese girls are well-educated so it’s normal for them to speak English. You shouldn’t think that a good-speaking girl is just a dating pro who tries to fool you.

8. Vietnamese women are not the wealthiest in the world, but they have funds. They are hard-working and don’t tend to be parasites. The relationship is more desirable for them than a temporary profit so they won’t let you down.

9. Vietnamese girls aren’t demanding or spoiled. It’s not typical for them to look 100% glamorous and spend thousands on their appearance. They are down-to-earth and prefer cute casual clothes. It’s not extremely hard to please them and bring them joy. That’s why they are gladly with you even if you didn’t send the bunch of roses and perfumes immediately after getting acquainted! Yes, that’s a big bonus to their other qualities.

10. You’ll be glad to know that they are very conservative and traditional so cheating and polygamous dating isn’t their style. If you show your serious intentions and willingness to come from the beginning, they won’t search for other options.

Now when you see that’s all real, let’s take a look at pricing and other pros and cons. If you’re short in money or just cautious, you can use Vietnamcupid for free. It gives you the opportunity to make a limited search and ability to send 1 letter every 15 minutes, but the girl may think you’re not resourceful enough for creating a family or for travelling to meet her. On another hand, paid status (Platinum) allows you to send unlimited messages and use the advanced search. Not too many options but enough to get attracted! Plus, there is a phone application too that helps to stay in touch with the girls any time.

The site is financially secure. The bank card data isn’t stolen or misused, and all transactions are under online protection. There are no complaints about that from men noticed on the Internet, but in case of any wrong transactions, the support service answers almost immediately and helps to resolve the problem.

The rate of Vietnamcupid remains quite high and it’s well-deserved. There are lots of success stories the illustrations to which would pleasantly surprise you: average-looking older men with gorgeous young beauties! After our short introduction presented above, you already know they aren’t after men’s wallets so that’s very impressive.

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What about the critics then? It cannot be all in pink butterflies. First of all, day game hunters aren’t happy with Vietnamese girls found on this site. It’s very difficult to get a one-night-stand chance with them or other frivolous options. They make hints about the wedding and having babies on the very first date! Just imagine. But maybe it isn’t so awful if you want just the same?

As you can see, there are always different opinions but no one can say is totally bad. Quite the opposite, it’s like Klondike for someone who is family minded or at least gallant and honest. You can try too and form your own opinion not listening to the others.

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