Ways to Impress Beautiful Asian Women

pretty Asian womanPretty Asian women aren’t as difficult to impress as you may think. In fact, all it really requires is treating them well and showing respect. Of course, you want more details so let’s delve deeper into the topic of how to impress beautiful Asian women. These tips will impress even the most beautiful Asian women so put them to good use.

Be a Gentleman

Everyone likes a gentleman, but they are greatly appreciated in Asian society despite becoming a rarity. Asian men rarely do the chivalrous things western men do like opening doors and pulling out chairs. Don’t be surprised if Asian women initially respond to chivalrous gestures with a puzzled look. This is because you surprised her with your manners. After the initial shock, she will be impressed and appreciate the little things you do ‘just because’. Just remember not to try too hard to impress her. A man trying too hard to get the girl is simply not attractive plus it makes you look desperate.

Get Her Talking

Women are impressed by men who help them relax and get them talking. Engaging men are sexy. Asian women are used to men who only talk about themselves. They are used to guys talking about their jobs, cars, hobbies, interests and so forth so be a breath of fresh air. To do this, regularly ask for her input and ask about her life. Don’t be surprised if your efforts are returned with resistance at first. She will open up. The reason for this is that women in Asia are taught that talking about oneself too much is not humble. If you’re still having a hard time, ask about her culture. This will get her talking and will earn you extra points.

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Give Specific Compliments

Beautiful Asian women are used to hearing how beautiful they are. They receive the same compliments day after day from men like yourself. Any compliment is a nice compliment but in order to impress, you have to give specific compliments. Identify something that stands out about her and compliment it. This may be her eyes, her dress, the way she has styled her hair or perhaps her smile.

Don’t Be Shy

Asian women aren’t fond of shy guys but are very impressed by outgoing men who are comfortable taking the lead. It is hard to show a woman a nice time let alone make a memorable first impression if you are super reserved. Yeah, pretty Asian women are intimidating but at the end of the day, she is a person just like yourself.

Express That You Like Her Right Away

People think Asian women are submissive individuals who never speak their mind and are just there to go along with what a man has to say. This is a complete misconception because Asian women are actually very vocal, direct and expect their men to be the same way. If you like a pretty Asian woman, tell her and tell her as soon as you know you like her. Not only will she be impressed by your honesty, but she will know where she stands with you.

Impress Beautiful Asian Women

Ask About Her Family

Depending on the situation, you may meet her parents when you pick her up for a date. It isn’t uncommon for Asian women to reside with their parents until they wed. Anyway, if you do meet them, get to know them, be respectful and start working on getting their approval. Also, don’t hesitate to express your interest in their daughter. If a meeting hasn’t occurred yet, impress an Asian woman by asking about her loved ones and how they are doing. Then, share a little about yours. Family is super important in Asian culture so connecting on the topic is a step in the right direction.

Follow the above advice and the Asian women you date will be beyond impressed with you. If you make a positive first impression, you’ll soon discover all that Asian women have to offer. A good impression will lead to more dates, more affection, the relationship will progress, and happiness will be a constant along the way. Now all you must do is secure a few dates!

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