What to ask first on Tinder to get her attention

Having someone’s full attention isn’t easy, especially if you’re new to a person. But Tinder makes it real simple, especially with the experts’ tips and other users’ precious experience.

The best advice is always raising your standards to the healthy maximum. Even though you’re using the basic version of Tinder, look and act like you’re on Tinder Select and you’re a top star there.

If you do, the first impression is made and so the pickup lines take less efforts. You just need to seem persistent yet not desperate, and show as much interest as you deserve from their side.

“Would you like the most determined lover who’d satisfy you in all ways?” Use hooksexup to learn more about dating. That is a good first question, as it refers to the guy’s sexual skills yet doesn’t sound offensive or too vulgar.

“You’re extremely beautiful, are your kinks outstanding as well?” Everyone hopes to eventually express their deepest sexual desires on Tinder. Play this card and you’ll always win.

“Do you like to be greatly surprised in a bed, and how exactly?” A person without the adventurous side wouldn’t join Tinder. It’s a good way to help someone share this side.

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