What to do after a hookup with a friend to keep cool

Ever felt awkward after sex with a friend? You’re not alone in this situation. Many singles in the world have encountered the very same difficulty and want to share the solutions they found.

“We both have been confused by what we did”, Julia says. “It was after we experienced breakup with our exes, also after the drunk party. We wanted to remain friends, after all.

So, we both just pretended nothing ever happened. We had breakfast together, fully dressed like two buddies after partying. We talked the usual things and never mentioned that anymore”.

Hookuping with a friend is a frequent problem that can be solved, but having a crush on him or her is much more problematic. One day I understood I like my friend with benefits too much.

So, after another casual night together, I decided to cut such an intimate communication and jokingly suggested my friend to sign a contract. I composed it myself and said in it we’re just friends.

We laughed and signed it and promised to follow it, so I am more than happy my sense of humour has helped me to save our friendship. I think such solutions are available to everyone”.

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